A new U.S. Department of Labor initiative is widely promoting the use of registered apprenticeship programs like Portland, Ore. Local 48's.

St. Louis Local 1 Electrical Connection and Chicago Local 134’s Powering Chicago have been chosen as U.S. Department of Labor apprenticeship ambassadors.
Labor-management partnerships between local unions and their respective National Electrical Contractors Association chapters are among 200 entities chosen to share their experiences and collaborate with the DOL to champion apprenticeship opportunities.
“Not enough people understand apprenticeships or what unions are all about,” said Powering Chicago’s executive director Elbert Walters III. “We need to share the story so that more and more... Read More
Celeste Drake has been appointed President Biden’s top labor advisor. She served as the first-ever made-in-America director at the White House Office of Management and Budget since 2021, where she helped develop and implement domestic policy. Drake was formerly a trade and globalization policy specialist for the AFL-CIO, playing an instrumental role in shaping U.S. trade policy to promote inclusive growth for working American families and the manufacturing sector.
In July, President Biden traveled to Ohio to celebrate the most significant effort to protect multiemployer pensions in 50 years.
The Butch Lewis Act was one of the IBEW’s most pressing priorities when President Biden signed it in early 2021. Saving hundreds of plans from insolvency and shoring up the backstop Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, this special assistance program will ensure benefits to multiemployer pension participants through 2051.
“We turned a promise broken into a promise kept,” Joe Biden told a crowd of union workers in Cleveland on July 5. Among those in attendance were... Read More

Dear Local 90 Brothers and Sisters:
You are cordially invited to attend a dinner for all Local Union No. 90 members retiring before November of 2022. We will also be acknowledging the members who have achieved 25 years of distinguished service with the IBEW. We would like to ask all attendees to try to dress business casual out of respect for those retiring. Member price is $20.00 each and Retiree price $10.00 each. Tickets will also be sold at the door; prices will be $30.00 for Active members and $20.00 for Retirees.
Local 90 Retirees

David Brancato
Gary Card   ... Read More
On Friday, Oct. 21, four unions will compete in a charity softball tournament at the Yard Goats!
Come join in on the fun, raise some money for charity, and have an entertaining evening at one of the best minor league baseball stadiums in the country.
Game 1: AFSCME Council 4 vs. Connecticut State Building Trades Council
Game 2: AFT Connecticut vs. Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association
Here's everything you need to know:
Event: Labor Charity Softball Tournament
Location: Dunkin' Donuts Park (Yard Goats stadium), 1214 Main St, Hartford, CT 06103
Date: Friday, October 21
Time:... Read More
Your retirement experience is getting an upgrade …
There’s a lot to look forward to with your new Empower experience! Join Empower for an educational opportunity to review the new features, tools and resources that can help you achieve the future you imagine. Learn more with Empower’s interactive educational web series.
Register for the session of your choice at upgrade.empowermytime.com
Here is a listing of scheduled Plan Sponsor Webinars.  Please use the below link “Information For October 2022 Plan Migrations” to register.  I would encourage registering even if you cannot attend... Read More
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical
Contractors Association (NECA) continue our commitment to promoting and embracing a culture
change throughout the Electrical Construction Industry (ECI). The IBEW and NECA fully support
identifying how the ECI can implement changes across policies, practices and initiatives to foster
an inclusive work environment that elevates respect, acceptance and equity.

The IBEW and NECA are partnering with The Center for Construction Research and Training
(CPWR) and invite all personnel to participate in a... Read More
Any volunteers for walks or phone banking please call the hall and talk to John Bellemare at (203) 265-9533 ext. 5
Connecticut AFL-CIO

Join your fellow union members for canvassing when we will knock on union household doors
to talk about issues and educate members about labor’s endorsed candidates. Before you go
out canvassing, you will receive training, a prepared script, and a list of union households in a
neighborhood. You can pair up with another union volunteer.
We will supply coffee, donuts, and bagels too!

Saturday, September 10th... Read More
Click the attachment below to view the Connecticut Statewide 2022 Referendum Campaign
President Joe Biden electrified the IBEW Convention in Chicago on May 11, drawing thunderous cheers for infrastructure projects that will employ IBEW members far into the future, championing unions like none of his predecessors, fighting to cut taxes for working families and make billionaires pay their fair share, among other historic progress and plans for a better, more just America.

"The only reason I’m standing here now as president of the United States is because the IBEW came on with me early,” Biden said as he arrived on stage at the 40th International Convention... Read More