The 4 Myths About Affiliated Electricians

We sometimes hear concerns about what it means to your business and your customers when you join our organization. Here we detail some of the most common questions, and address "The 4 Prevalent Myths":

MYTH #1: Electricians affiliated with the IBEW Will strike

The philosophy of the IBEW's contractors is that striking is detrimental to our construction partners. Therefore, IBEW construction locals have a no strike clause in their collective bargaining agreements.

MYTH #2: Affiliated Electricians are more expensive

Fixing problems behind walls can quickly become much more expensive than initial installation costs. The use of affiliated electricians will ensure that you are using highly skilled, thoroughly trained electricians. This will ensure that your electrical work is completed on time, at budget and will be done right the first time, saving you precious time and money.

MYTH #3: Affiliated Electricians are not efficient

More non-Affiliated companies close each year than electrical companies affiliated with a labor organization. Many of the most successful businesses in the New Haven area are affiliated with the IBEW.  Companies affiliated with labor organizations have been an integral part or our society since the early 1800's and are still flourishing today due to their efficient workers and business practices.

MYTH #4: Affiliated Electricians only care about themselves

Many of the rights and benefits we enjoy as United States Citizens were initially fought for and won by organized and affiliated workers: Rights such as the 40 hour work week, overtime pay, and fair treatment of individuals based on race, religion, and gender. About a million workers have been killed on-the-job since the 1920's in the United States alone. Affiliated and organized workers have aided in the elimination of unfair practices in the workplace such as child labor and the institution of standardized safety precautions.