Welcome to IBEW 90, The New Haven Electricians

Welcome to IBEW 90! 

Get the most productive, safest and skilled electricians on your projects. It is more important to you the business partner, owner and end user than ever before. We offer professionalism, a positive construction experience. Safer projects bring smaller insurance premiums. All your employees will be OSHA 10 certified workers. We can man up any size project while we move toward our goal of a drug free workforce. How many electrical craftsmen do you need? We’ll get them there for you. Please contact us right away with any of your questions! 

Sean W. Daly 

Business Manager, IBEW Local Union 90

Sign The Equitable Offshore Wind Petition 

Action Alert:

Sign The Climate Jobs Petition To Support Strong Labor Standards And Equitable Offshore Wind Development In Connecticut, Mass & Rhode Island

The Time Is Now To Support Equitable Offshore Wind Development In New England

ICYMI: Offshore wind procurement bids are due March 27, 2024. Watch our latest offshore wind press conference and sign the petition for equitable offshore wind to make your voice heard today. 
Last October, the governors of... Read More

We are excited to announce significant improvements to the National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF) that will
directly benefit our respective members across the country. After careful consideration and analysis, the NEBF
Trustees and the National Employees Benefit Board (NEBB) would like to announce the following for the NEBF:
• “Fresh Start” Amendment: The NEBF’s actuary has certified that the NEBF currently has no “unfunded vested
benefits” (UVBs) and therefore no withdrawal liability as of December 31, 2023, and that it is... Read More

Below you will find a notification from IBEW President Kenneth Cooper regarding the 2024 Presidential Endorsement. See attachment for more information.
"Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Please see the attached letter. I request that you read this letter aloud at the start of the next local union meeting.
Below are additional resources for you to share:
Scan the QR Code below or click here to access the IBEW Vote Score Card, which evaluates how YOUR home representatives have voted on crucial IBEW legislation.

Scan the QR Code below or Click here to access the... Read More
Lower Hudson Valley has created an app for your smartphone to have easy, convenient access to care. The app is free and completely confidential.  
Please download it on your smartphone so it is there if or when you may need it.
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Yearly Dues Amounts 2024
$133.50 – 3 Months (Jan-Jun)
$267.00 – 6 Months (Jan-Jun)
$540.00 – 12 Months
Months July-Dec 2024
$136.50 – 3 Months
$273.00 – 6 Months
(Plus an additional $30 if you are passed the Quarter)
The Local 90 Children's Christmas Party was a success. We even had an appearance from Mr & Mrs Claus!
Thank you to everyone who participated!
Happy Holidays!