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President's Message: Labor Day

As the summer days grow shorter, our kids head back to school, and football season starts to heat up, it means Labor Day is right around the corner! For many of us, this holiday is synonymous with a long weekend spent with family and friends, but knowing its history is important. Know that YOU are the reason behind this holiday. It was the labor movement that pushed for a holiday to celebrate the role all of us have played in building our nation.
Our IBEW brothers and sisters have proudly taken the torch from... Read More
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical
Contractors Association (NECA) continue our commitment to promoting and embracing a culture
change throughout the Electrical Construction Industry (ECI). The IBEW and NECA fully support
identifying how the ECI can implement changes across policies, practices and initiatives to foster
an inclusive work environment that elevates respect, acceptance and equity.

The IBEW and NECA are partnering with The Center for Construction Research and Training
(CPWR) and invite all personnel to participate in a... Read More
Any volunteers for walks or phone banking please call the hall and talk to John Bellemare at (203) 265-9533 ext. 5
Connecticut AFL-CIO

Join your fellow union members for canvassing when we will knock on union household doors
to talk about issues and educate members about labor’s endorsed candidates. Before you go
out canvassing, you will receive training, a prepared script, and a list of union households in a
neighborhood. You can pair up with another union volunteer.
We will supply coffee, donuts, and bagels too!

Saturday, September 10th... Read More
President Biden traveled to Portland, Ore., on April 21 to visit the site of a massive project to upgrade the Portland International Airport and discuss the infrastructure law’s role in transforming the economy of the Pacific Northwest.
“Through the bipartisan infrastructure bill, we’re investing $25 billion this year to modernize American airports all across this country and across this state, not just here,” Biden said. “Best of all, this project will support more than 1,250 good- paying jobs constructing the terminal. Over 95 percent of the construction is being done by union... Read More
Click the attachment below to view the Connecticut Statewide 2022 Referendum Campaign
U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai met with business and labor leaders at the Port of Baltimore on March 21 to discuss Atlantic trade with her counterpart from the United Kingdom.
Discussions over terms of a bilateral trade agreement between the two countries under consideration previously changed when the Biden administration took over, said Baltimore Local 24 President Sam Curreri.
Curreri said he was glad to participate in talks representing labor in a global trade setting and cautioned that even industrialized countries like the United States... Read More
Nearly 8 million new jobs have been added to the U.S. economy since the end of 2020. This means that employment is nearly matching pre-pandemic levels from two years ago. Construction is among the leading sectors for job growth, and that is only likely to improve as funding for infrastructure projects resulting from the historic new law comes to fruition.
Economists predict the job market will return to pre- pandemic levels by the end of 2022.
“It’s mindbogglingly fast and sustained growth – well over half a million jobs added per month on average for... Read More
The Biden administration invoked the Defense Production Act to ease supply chain issues around solar panels on June 6, while continuing its investigation into possible Chinese trade violations.
Taken together, IBEW President Lonnie Stephenson said the suite of executive actions will build America’s energy arsenal and spur domestic energy manufacturing while reducing energy costs, supporting good-paying union jobs, and strengthening U.S. energy independence while maintaining strong labor standards.
“The outsourcing of critical American goods like solar panels has weakened supply... Read More
Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Durham, N.C. to call for more unionization in the state.

“To continue our recovery, we must then create more good-paying jobs, good union jobs. In big cities and small towns across our country, union workers are building the future,” Harris said in her Durham speech, where she was joined by Labor Secretary Marty Walsh.
Alvin Warwick Jr., Winston-Salem Local 342 business manager, had the opportunity to meet with them on their visit.

Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm joined IBEW members for a roundtable in Lexington, Ken. where she... Read More