Connecticut Labor and Building News

Are You Wanting To Start A Union Shop and Don't Know How?

If you are serious about starting a union company and want to know how to begin, then join us May 28,29,& 30 from 8:00 am to 3:30pm. We will be hosting an electrical contractor business course. From building a business plan to contracts, record keeping, bonding, insurance, marketing, maximizing profitability and everything in between. They are there to give you the knowledge to get it done. There will be a $200 dollar deposit that will be returned upon successful completion of this course.

Vote Your Pay Check!

Visit Vote Your Pay Check, the website is designed to represent the candidates that will best serve Labors' interest.

Nothing Matters Without Your Paycheck. This Election Season, ask yourself: What voice represents you?

Is someone who stands with labor important to you?

Do you want Labor to have a seat at the table?‚Äč

Is the current Secretary of Labor Pro-Labor?

Are right to work laws important to you?