The Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed a rule that would allow private entities like employers and trade associations to self-certify apprenticeship programs. These programs would be referred to as "Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs" or IRAPs What is an IRAP? IRAPs are "apprenticeship programs" that are not registered with a state or the DOL. IRAPs would be approved by private industry entities and would not fall under the same requirements as current DOL or state registered apprenticeship programs. IRAPs differ significantly from our Registered Joint Apprenticeship Programs...
Save Our Apprenticeships! Make the Construction Industry Exemption Permanent *See attached memo from IBEW IO President Lonnie Stephenson for details. Follow Instructions below* 1 Log on  2 Visit click your branch Select the page most appropriate for you by clicking one of the following red boxes at the bottom of the page: Construction Branch - Inside, Construction Branch - Outside, or All Members, Friends, and Family. 3 Complete the form Scroll down until you see fields for your contact information on the left side of the page if you are on a...
​​​ IBEW Local 90 President  John Bellemare and RENEW committee chairman Brendan Toth drop off toys to Yale New Haven Children's Hospital. They were very appreciative of our donation and thank all of IBEW Local 90 staff and membership. The IBEW Local 90 RENEW committee is proud to give back to the community.
June 11, 2019 Election Results President John Bellemare   Vice President Steven Asplund   Recording Secretary Christopher Wininger   Business Manager/Financial Secretary/Delegate to IO Convention Sean Daly   Treasurer John Lacomb Jr   Executive Board John Bacchiocchi William Brooks Paul Costello Kenneth Marshall Brendan Toth   Delegates to IO Convention John Bellemare Paul Costello   *To see a tally sheet click on the attachment for results*
Sadly, one of our members is in need of a live kidney donor with type "O" blood. The members name is Clifford  O'Connell. Brother O'Connell has given 29 years of service to local 90. A dedicated family man, he has a wife Andrea and a daughter Erin. Time is of the essence for brother O'connell,the waiting list for a donor is 5/7 years. His life is on the line! If anyone can help Clifford,please call the Hartford hospital donor coordinator at 860-972-9918. cliff oconnell_0.jpg  
To view the Job details click on the attachment or to apply click the link below.  
These days, much is written, and discussed, about the so called "Right to Work."  It is important to distinguish between the human Right to Work, as it pertains to basic human rights, and the latest  "Right to Work law" proposals in Connecticut. Organized electricians join the working men and women across America in fighting this attempt to artificially lower our wages by placing tradesmen who have organized at a distinct disadvantage.
Path to Power Political Candidate Training 4/6/19 8:30 to 4:30 CT AFL-CIO 56 Town Line Rd, Rocky Hill To register: Contact Peggy Buchanan 860-571-6191 x229 or
How to register in minutes before you feel sick You can have a private and secure video chat with a board certifies doctor 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam. It's a quick and easy way to get the care you need with no appointments or long wait times. When your own doctor isn't available use LiveHealth Online if you have pinkeye, a cold, the flu, a fever, allergies, a sinus infection or other common health conditions. A doctor can assess your condition, provide a treatment plan and even send a prescription to your pharmacy, if it's needed. Questions? Call LiveHealth...
Local 90 Membership Dues 2022 Dues paid per QUARTER are $121.50 Dues paid per YEAR are $486.00   Credit card payments can be taken over the phone or in person with a fee. You can now make dues payments online through our website with an additional fee.   ALL INCORECT CHECKS WILL BE RETURNED