Climate and Community Investment Act

Action Alert!

Protect the Climate. Work for Justice.


Encourage Your Legislators to Vote in Favor of the Climate and Community Investment Act!


As the end of the 2021 legislative session approaches, we need the Roundtable community

to show up in support of the Climate and Community Investment Act! 

1.) Take Action Quickly by Sending a Message to your Local Legislators Encouraging Them to Vote to Pass SB-999


2.) Make a Phone Call to Your State Senator Telling Them Why SB-999 is so Important for the CT Community to Get Passed!

Sample Phone Script

“Hello! My name is ________ and I am a resident of [CITY/TOWN]. I am calling to share my concern with Senator ________ regarding Senate Bill 999. This bill is important to me because it creates good-paying green jobs in Connecticut through wage standards and workforce development. Passing SB 999 will demonstrate Connecticut’s commitment to developing a strong clean technology workforce to meet the demands of the rapidly-growing renewable energy industry. We need those jobs as we recover from the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Please support SB 999 when it comes up for a vote in the Senate.”

Thank them for their time. 




Learn More About the SB-999

The Climate and Community Investment Act


By encouraging your legislators to vote to pass SB-999, you're advocating for:

Workforce Development: help working-class families in Connecticut access clean technology careers by requiring developers to partner with approved in-state apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs. Currently, renewable energy developers regularly hire out-of-state workers. A clean energy transition is underway, and we must ensure Connecticut’s workers aren’t left behind.

Prevailing Wage: prevent state procurements and other large state-funded projects from driving down the market value of labor. Under the proposed legislation, prevailing wage would be required for utility-scale or grid-connected projects that are assisted by the state (excludes residential installations).