2021 NEBF Summary Plan Description

Attached is a copy of the 2021 National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF) Summary Plan Description (SPD).  Federal law requires that the NEBF send a new SPD every five years to all participants in the Plan.  In meeting this requirement, the SPD will be sent to all participants over the next few weeks.


We actively encouraged all participants to register through NEBF’s Online Benefits portal at www.nebf.com/nebf .  The Online Benefits portal allows participants, through a safe and secure encryption, to provide their contact information and activate alerts to receive text and email notifications when new documents or other important information becomes available online. Additionally, once registered, participants can easily generate an estimate of their NEBF lifetime benefits, including their years of service and provide a change of address.


The SPD can also be downloaded from NEBF’s website at www.nebf.com/nebf  under Plan Documents and Forms.


We wanted you to have this information in advance should you receive any questions from your members.


Thank you,


Trustees of the National Electrical Benefit Fund