Election Day and the IBEW

To: All IBEW Local Union Business Managers in the United States

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

With early voting for the presidential election already starting in some states now is the time to start talking to members about who will earn their vote for president. I am including information to help educate rank-and-file members on how the decision-making power of this country’s president directly affects IBEW members and working families. A nonpartisan video is available through this link https://vimeo.com/431571993 which requires the password: “political.” A companion handout which can be found here details how the decisions and actions of President Trump have adversely impacted union members including those of the IBEW.

   Here is a document that spells out why the IBEW has endorsed and supports Joe Biden. You will see that he has fully supported the IBEW in the past and his plans for his presidency will improve the lives of not only IBEW members and their families, but all working people. Please show the video at your next local union meeting and use the talking points to detail the facts about Vice President Biden and President Trump in local union letters and newsletters to your general membership.

   Now that Vice President Biden has selected Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate here is a comparison of the vast policy differences which exist between Senator Harris and Vice President Mike Pence. It focuses on their stances concerning working families and it is a reminder of how state policies can also directly affect IBEW members.

   Before Senator Harris dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination she addressed a member of the IBEW at a candidate forum in South Carolina. Here is a link to that exchange.

   A few points which you will find in the material that are of particular importance include:

The president makes appointments to federal courts,including the Supreme Court. One of President Trump’s proudest accomplishments is the number of judges he has appointed. In addition, on the National Labor Relations Board, the majority is a management-side group which has, by design, a long list of anti-worker decisions proving its overly bias against unions. Also,at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration the agency is doing everything,but protecting workers.

Executive orders have been used by this administration to bust unions and fire workers in the federal sector. The administration also has the ability to issue orders with a simple signature of the president to completely undermine the IBEW’s gold-standard construction apprenticeship program and that war is far from over if Trump remains in office.

The president has nullified an Obama order which required federal contractors to report violations of the Davis-Bacon Act with an aim to reward low-road contractors with taxpayer-funded contracts.

By contrast Joe Biden has stood with unions for his entire career. Before he left the Senate to become vice president in 2007 he had a 100 percent voting record on working family issues, and in his over 35 years of congressional service a lifetime voting rating of 85 percent. Joe Biden believes the federal government should not only defend workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively but also encourages collective bargaining.

   The president has tremendous power that can hurt or help IBEW members - who sits in the Oval Office matters. Please share widely with IBEW members.

With best wishes, I am

                                              Fraternally yours,

                                              Lonnie R. Stephenson

                                              International President